The Hospital

Presentation of Akonolinga District Hospital

The Akonolinga District Hospital is located in the Akonolinga Health District at the Nyong and Mfoumou Department Headquarters. The city of Akonolinga has more than 25 178 inhabitants according to data from the Akonolinga Health District for the year 2017.

The populations are organized in chieftaincy of 2nd and 3rd degree. Traditional chiefdom are well organized and their leaders respected enough, this is an important channel for strengthening links between health services and communities. The populations of the health area are welcoming and willingly give themselves to any activity to improve their living conditions.

The culture of the people of the city is rich and diverse. It is expressed through the traditional rite and traditional religions. In addition to the many traditional religions, Christianity and Islam are dominant religions. Some populations are animists and we observe the blossoming of so-called awakened churches.

The District Hospital is located on the Kanga market-intersection axis, it is housed in a fence and includes 7 buildings namely:
  • Reception and orientation which also houses the laboratory and the counseling room
  • The administrative building which also houses the operating theater and the radiology departments
  • The building housing general medical hospitalizations
  • A building housing surgical hospitalizations
  • A building housing the dressing room for the management of chronic wounds and Buruli ulcer
  • The mother and child flag and
  • the building housing post mortem services
It should be noted that a new mother and child building was built at the entrance of the hospital, but to this day, it is unfinished.

1- Minimum activity package

1.1 Preventive and curative activities
In general, The Hospital offers preventive, curative, promotional and management activities. Among the preventive activities, there is a post-natal follow-up but not yet activity of monitoring of the growth of the children from 0 to 5 years old. With regard to management activities, there is activity planning, monitoring and evaluation of activities which is done at the beginning of every month in a coordination meeting.

The information collection registers exist and their behavior is good.

Akonolinga District Hospital conducts IEC activities especially for patients living with HIV to improve adherence to treatment and biological and clinical monitoring. However, the community and NGOs are not very involved in these activities

1.2 References / Evacuations
The city is covered by a telephone network. The hospital is equipped with a communication system by Camtel and also has a network of WIFI internet connection. In case of emergency, the hospital is equipped with an ambulance for evacuations. The reference / counter reference system is not yet functional because we do not receive feedback from the references.
1.3 Health Promotion
The Hospital regularly conducts health promotion activities such as Educational Chat and Counseling (Mother and Child Service) for the use of services. The main topics are: immunization, diarrheal disease control, malaria, use of impregnated mosquito nets, breastfeeding, STIs and HIV, FP, assisted delivery, NPCs. Action must be taken towards community radio to reach a broader target.
1.4 Human Resources as of August 31, 2017
Public health
General practitioner
04 NURSES State Graduate
01 Physiotherapy
01 Sanitary engineering
01 NURSE Patented
General practitioner
08 General practitioner
01 Laboratory technician
02 Assistant Laboratory Technician
01 Registrar filling agent
02 Psychosocial Agents


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